Helau LfdD!

Helau LfdD!

“Helau!” or art in all its expressions – LfdD celebrates Düsseldorf’s traditions and holds its most colorful and festive event in Germany.

The children and their parents rose to the challenge, using their creativity to create the most beautiful costumes.
This year’s theme was art in all its expressions.
All the costumes were appreciated, but those linked to the theme were given particular weight in the voting.

As tradition demands, the best costume was chosen from among the children in each class in the first round, then all the winners took part in a new competition, this time to choose the best.
In the end, 5 winners, one from each class, were chosen thanks to an extremely precise tool: the applause of all the children.

A special prize goes to our director Mme Chardon, who transformed herself into a veritable tableau vivant.
In addition to her creativity, she outdid herself to entertain all the children.
In a dancing caterpillar, they then made their way along the courtyard, passing through the interior of the school.
Finally, all the children were treated to doughnuts, hot chocolate and fruit juice by our parent volunteers and school staff.

A little history:
“Helau” is Düsseldorf’s carnival greeting.
It’s a fantastic parade of children and young people that takes place mainly during the week between Jeudi Gras (Ladies’ Night) and Ash Wednesday.
It begins in earnest in November of the previous year with the awakening of Hoppeditz, a local “madman”, and is relatively quiet until February, when it picks up again.
This carnival is so important that it’s often referred to as the fifth season.

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