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The Lycée français international Simone Veil welcomes around 600 students from pre-school to Terminale, and offers an education in line with the French national curriculum.

We regularly publish announcements on our website and on our LinkedIn page.

For unsolicited applications, please send us an e-mail with your cover letter, CV, copies of your diplomas and any references, for the attention of the school principal, Mr Francois Dillenschneider, to the following address:

Recruitment of seconded teachers back to school 2024

The Lycée français international Simone Veil is a school accredited by the French Ministry of Education, under agreement with the AEFE. As such, it can recruit permanent staff from the French Ministry of Education with resident status(see the procedure and timetable set by the AEFE).

Open recruitment campaign



Open positions

Positions likely to become vacant :


Send two copies of your application by post:

  • to the
  • at the SCAC of the French Embassy in Berlin

ATTENTION: The application form for secondment to a teaching, educational or administrative position in a French educational establishment under the authority of the AEFE in Germany is only available to permanent employees of the French Ministry of Education and Youth.

Teachers seconded to a school in the AEFE network must have completed their first contract, i.e. three years, before they can apply for another position.

You will find behind this link the application procedures on the AEFE website: https: //



The application must be returned in a single mailing and in a single copy by post as soon as possible and before 09/02/2024 to the school and in parallel to the French Embassy in Germany, as evidenced by the postmark.

The address of the diplomatic post is :

French Embassy in Germany


Recruitment 2024

Pariser Platz 5


In the case of linked applications, the two files must be sent together. Shipment by diplomatic bag is not authorized.

Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

You cannot modify your wishes once they have been sent.


Opening of the recruitment campaign – December 19, 2023

Publication of vacancies – December 19, 2023

Application deadline – February 9, 2024

Review and classification by CCPL – March 5, 2024

Job offer (only one will be made) – from March 6, 2024

Salary conditions: French salary base + local living conditions allowance (ICCVL) set by ministerial decree.

3. List of required documents

Required documents

AEFE application form completed and signed by the candidate.

☐ Curriculum vitae

☐ Handwritten cover letter addressed to the President of the CCPL (1 page maximum)

☐ Copies of diplomas from highest level of higher education

☐ Copy of tenure decree

☐ Screenshot of IPROF summary sheet

☐ Copy of last promotion order.

☐ Copies of the last two existing inspection reports, or both visit reports or career appointment minutes.

☐ Copy of an identity document (CNI…).

☐ Justificatif de suivi de conjoint (si le conjoint justifie à la date de la CCPL d’une embauche dans le pays au plus tard à la date de rentrée scolaire).

☐ Copy of current contract (agent under AEFE).

☐ Copy of secondment decree (for seconded staff only).

☐ Copy of attestation (languages, certification, etc…) if requested in job description.

Additional documents for applications to schools in Germany:

Unfolded copy of I-Prof “your career assistant” tabs: Synthèse and Carrière Notation (if no PPCR evaluation)

☐ Copy of last rating notice

☐ Copy of last administrative rating (except for primary and secondary school teachers who have never been posted abroad)

☐ Copy of the ①, ② or ③ evaluation grids within the framework of the PPCR.

☐ Copy of highest professional diploma

☐ Copies of additional certifications or professional qualifications (examples: CAFIMF, CAFIPEMF, CAFFA, CAEEA; CAPSAIS, FLE accreditation, DNL accreditation).

☐ Copy of any certificate of proficiency in German

☐ Copy of any proof of professional experience in a recognized educational establishment

Please do not enclose training certificates.


LfiSV is regularly on the lookout for teachers of all disciplines for occasional replacements.

Open positions SECONDARY

English Language and Literature teacher
in middle and high school for the 2024-2025 school year.

Education Assistant
to join the School Life department.This is a full-time position, 39 hours a week, to be filled in January 2024.

Send the file

Please send your application by e-mail to:

Open positions PRIMARY

One AESH for one kindergarten pupil

A contract for 14 hours a week will be drawn up between the parents and the carer. Preferably, the support worker will have worked in the field of early childhood or in helping people with disabilities.

Tasks are defined as follows:

Promoting autonomy

Helping disabled students get around

Provide technical assistance (toilets, classroom set-up)

Promoting socialization

Provide assistance with access to learning, in consultation with the teacher

Participate in class outings as required

Send the file

Please send your CV and covering letter to

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