School exchanges and trips

School outings, exchanges and trips

A world to discover and experience

During their school careers, students have the opportunity to take part in trips designed to enable them to discover new horizons and cultures, develop their language skills and strengthen their independence. At any time of the year, our students are invited to take part in exhibitions, attend concerts or theatrical performances, operas or film screenings, visit museums, go on “nature” outings…always in line with the school curriculum.

School exchanges

ADN-AEFE system

Two students, two schools, two countries, one experience… ADN-AEFE enables students in the second year of secondary school to carry out an exchange during the school year with another school in the AEFE network participating in the program. By immersing themselves for four to twelve weeks in a new family, school, cultural and linguistic environment, students enrich their educational experience while benefiting from continuity in their learning.

Carbon 0 DNA system

The cornerstone of the ADN-AEFE program, the AGORA MONDE collaborative digital platform, deployed throughout the global school network, is also the support platform for the ADN CARBONE 0 school program.

ADN Carbone 0 is the new school exchange program, which doesn’t require students to travel, supported by the AGORA MONDE platform. The concept: bring together teachers from the AEFE network and their ninth-grade classes to build a joint project. Intercultural, this program is also eco-citizen, mobilizing participants to reflect on carbon emissions and their compensation, notably by planting trees.

School trips

Trip to Poland - final year students

The trip to Poland is in line with the history and history-geography, political science and geopolitics syllabuses of the Terminale year, as well as with our school’s project.

This trip has been made possible by a donation from the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

Link to the article on Journey to Poland in 2022 and the students’ video presented by the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

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