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François Dillenschneider, Principal


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A high school of excellence

The Lycée Français International Simone Veil celebrates its 60th anniversary. Founded on the initiative of a group of parents to provide schooling for around 15 children, the school has grown considerably to become a top-notch lycée, attracting not only French pupils but also, increasingly, children of other nationalities.
Welcoming around 600 students from kindergarten through to the final year of secondary school, it is recognized for the quality of its teaching, its exam results and its students’ future after the baccalauréat.
Exam results testify both to the hard work of teachers in giving students the tools they need to succeed, and to students’ commitment to their learning path. With impressive pass rates for both the Diplôme National du Brevet and the Baccalauréat, and an impressive number of honors, the Lycée is a gateway to the best universities and grandes écoles.

An open, international-minded high school

International openness is part of the soul of French lycées abroad. At LfiSV, multiculturalism is a daily reality. The school offers multilingual teaching (French, German, English, Spanish) adapted to each student’s learning pace and plans.
It offers German-speaking students the opportunity to prepare for the Abibac. Students with a good level of English can follow the European Section. The American International Section inaugurated in primary school at the start of the 2021 academic year will open in secondary school in September 2022. A request to open the lycée for the start of the 2023 school year is already in the pipeline, to offer students the opportunity to prepare for the future French international bac.

The school is also part of the ADN-AEFE program, which enables students in the second year of secondary school to take part in an exchange program at another school in the AEFE network.

An inclusive high school with strong values

The staff at the Lycée français international Simone Veil have been committed for several years to an ambitious policy of inclusion for students with special educational needs. Similarly, allophone students who do not speak French when they arrive at the school benefit from a special welcome and learning program.

It’s an opportunity for all students to show responsibility and solidarity with their fellow students. The transmission of values completes the instruction given to LfiSV students, so that they gradually become not only masters of their own lives, but also enlightened players in tomorrow’s world.



The 2022-2026 facility project

The company project sets out the objectives to be achieved, while fully respecting our missions and values.

Our values

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We are a Franco-German family who have been living in Düsseldorf for over 20 years, and we chose to send our two children to LfiSV after spending several years in the German system (Kindergarten). We quickly became big fans of the French school in Düsseldorf, which offers a family atmosphere, quality teaching and cultural diversity.
We love: the committed teachers, the small class sizes, the quality of language teaching, the wide choice of after-school activities and of course the new playground.

Caroline Bonnet
LfiSV parent, 2 children at school

Before Düsseldorf we lived in Brussels, but we moved to Germany when our children were very young. The choice of the French school was a natural one, as we were in Düsseldorf before our move and spontaneously came to visit the French school, and were so well received that we didn't hesitate at all.
Our children have both completed three years at the French lycée nursery school. The nursery school is really great, with outstanding teachers. One of our two children had a health accident, which now handicaps him in his daily life. We have always felt listened to and well taken care of. The school has adapted to us, not the other way around. As the school welcomes French-, English- and German-speaking children alike, this "multiculturality" is naturally a great strength. The German and English teachers are extraordinary and do amazing things with their students.

LfiSV parent, 2 children at school

Since our daughter went to LfdD, she loves school.
As parents, we're not surprised.
The quality of teaching is excellent and individually adapted to the needs of the children.
Our daughter is learning French very quickly thanks to our excellent teaching methods (which are both effective and fun). The extremely loving and appreciative interaction in the teacher-student relationship (and the whole school team!!!) constantly sets an example for the children and strengthens them in their personal development. Great value is placed on intercultural competence, so that the coexistence of different nations and cultures is a great enrichment.

Barbara Ratering
LfiSV parent, 1 child in school
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