Data protection

Data protection

Data management policy

The Lycée Français de Düsseldorf’s policy regarding the collection, use, transmission, management and protection of personal data is subject to the European Data Protection Regulation as transposed. This regulation recognizes both the right of individuals to protect their data – including the right of access and correction – and the need of LFDD to collect, use and transmit data for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Data collection and use

The Lycée Français de Düsseldorf (in particular the Management, Administration and Management Committee) collects and may use students’ personal data (name, address, date of birth, photos, schooling, participation in activities, taking charge of activities, setting up a project) for the following purposes (non-exhaustive list):

  • Compliance with regulations (e.g. compliance with standards issued by the French Ministry of Education, administrative files, taxes, etc.).
  • Transfer of personal data for the AEFE User Base (BUA) by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE)
  • Course organization and publication of student results
  • General administration (e.g. project management, work- or teaching-related communication, school records)
  • Education (e.g., awards, certifications, academic achievements, schools attended)
  • Student admission (e.g. new admission, withdrawal/cancellation)
  • Communication with parents or guardians (emails from teachers, guidance service, crisis communication)
  • School trips (e.g. organization, logistics, medical needs, food requirements, registration)
  • Registration for Extracurricular Activities and Secondary School Sports Activities
  • Medical needs (e.g. allergies)
  • Alumni registration and alumni services (directory)
  • Insurance
  • Transmission of information to third-party schools for admission purposes

The Lycée collects and may use the personal data of parents or legal guardians of students (such as name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, bank details) for the following purposes (non-exhaustive list)

  • Communication with parents or guardians (via teachers, school management, guidance department or administration)
  • Emergency medical needs (e.g. family contact in case of accident or major risk)
  • School trips (e.g. organization, logistics, medical needs, food requirements, registration)
  • Fundraising for school needs
  • Billing and payment (e.g. invoicing of school fees, balance and payment history, payment process)

Subject to express authorization, the Lycée Français de Düsseldorf may :

  • Communicate parents’ or guardians’ e-mail addresses to the Parents’ Committee and parent delegates
  • Use students’ personal data (name, photos, films, etc.) only for non-commercial purposes, including :
    • Internal uses: school booklet, brochure, poster, class photo
    • educational projects etc…
    • External uses: Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger website and social networks, Lycée website and social networks, Lycée presentation documents, etc…


Parental consent

For students in grades up to and including Terminale, parental consent is considered sufficient.

The Lycée Français de Düsseldorf may collect and use the personal data of students and their parents or legal guardians.

Implied consent

When a person has freely decided to participate in a situation or process in which the collection of personal data can reasonably be envisaged, implicit consent can be considered to have been given. This concerns :

  • Student registration files (admission process before acceptance)
  • Using video surveillance to enter the LFDD
  • Events organized by the LFDD.

Data management and protection

Data security

The Lycée Français de Düsseldorf is committed to :

  • Implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular when data processing involves transmission or storage on or in a network.
  • Notify data subjects in the event of accidental or unauthorized access to their data that could lead to damage or harm.

Access, correction and withdrawal rights

Parents have the right to consult the personal data concerning them or their children (subject to the exclusions listed below) and to request modifications or corrections of this data.

Thanks to the Pronote portal, parents have free access at any time to personal data held by the Lycée on them or their children. Modifications or corrections are always possible if necessary.

Exceptions to the right of access The law does not provide for the right of access to all information held by an organization. The Lycée reserves the right to refuse access to :

  • Opinions retained for evaluation purposes
  • Copies or results of examinations
  • Confidential references written in support of a student’s application to other educational institutions or courses
  • Data or documents that would provide personal data on other individuals in violation of the directive

Sharing data with third parties

Personal data may be transmitted by the Lycée to third parties, service providers or agents (such as travel agencies, insurance companies and data hosting companies). Personal data may also be passed on to schools located outside Düsseldorf, to the French Ministry of Education or to any other institution located outside Düsseldorf.

The Lycée will share this data only to obtain the necessary services from these third parties and not for commercial purposes.

The Lycée signs contracts to ensure that third parties use data only for the purpose of providing the service and take appropriate precautions to protect the data.

In some cases, such as online services, there is no explicit contract. In such cases, the Lycée will ensure that the terms and conditions of the service provide that :

  • The Lycée remains the owner of the data.
  • The service provider is not authorized to use the entrusted data for any purpose other than to provide the requested service.
  • The service provider takes reasonable precautions to ensure data security.
  • When the Lycée terminates its relationship with the service provider, all data will be deleted and will not be used for any other purpose.

If you have any questions or complaints relating to the protection of personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer:
Mr Pierre-Yves Samson

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