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12 November 2022 | 9am - 12pm


English Language and Literature Teacher – American International Section

4 stages, 1 school

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3 – 6 Years

6 – 11 Years

11 – 14 Years

14 – 18 Years

3 – 6 Years

6 – 11 Years

11 – 14 Years

14 – 18 Years

academic excellence

À la francaise

The LfiSV is one of 543 French schools in 138 countries, managed and supported by the AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad. AEFE is a government entity overseen by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development that has elaborated an innovative educational policy dedicated to implementing the programmes of the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports while remaining open to the languages and cultures of the host countries. Excellence, sharing and influence are the objectives of all the schools in the network. Find out more on the AEFE website.

Our curriculum follows that of the French Ministry of National Education and Youth. Our school adheres to the humanist principles of advocating tolerance, gender equality, equal opportunities, arousing intellectual curiosity and encouraging critical thinking. At the same time providing a seamless education from Maternelle (preschool) to the Baccalauréat  (sixth form/senior year).


in our approach

“Success for all” is our stated ambition. We are proud of our excellent 2021 Baccalauréat results with a 100% pass rate. Most of our students matriculate to Grandes Écoles (elite French academic institutions) or major international universities.

intercultural awareness

in our institution

LfiSV welcomes about 30 nationalities from all over the world. We encourage students of all nationalities to become resilient, attentive, empathetic and respectful of others and their differences, to create a better, more humane and more caring society.


in our teaching

A binational French-German AbiBac section, a European “English” section that allows Baccalauréat students to obtain the AbiBac (German Abitur and French Baccalauréat) or the “European English section”. The International American section prepare students for the International French Baccalaureate (IFB).

social and emotional


We help students understand themselves, their emotions and those around them and we do so in a playful, caring and creative environment.

living well


We foster a place where students feel physically and emotionally safe. We teach them compassion, teamwork, confidence to pursue their dreams and ensure that kindness is at the centre of everything we do.

appropriate teaching solutions

based on individual needs

We are committed to the concept of an inclusive school for students with special educational needs. The LfiSV is a structure that is open to all and that adapts to the specific educational demands of each individual.

Key figures


3 - 18




Exam results

success rate 2020/2021

0 %


100% secured the highest grade (mention très bien)

0 %


89% with honours (48% “Very good”, 39% “Good” and 13% “Fairly good”)

0 %


With 4 achieving the top grade of 1


Exceptional results with 4 students achieving “félicitations du jury” (congratulations from the examining jury).

7 students were awarded the European English Section.

Our school

School fees

2021 -2022

Fees set agreed at the Parent Teacher Association AGM on 12 March 2020



















Registration fee (all years): €800 | Re-enrolment: €150

Families interested in the reduced “family” rate will need to prove that school fees are not covered by their employer. Parents/carers are required to ask their employer to complete, sign and stamp the “Attestation de non prise en charge” (a statement confirming that school fees are not covered) and submit the statement along with the enrolment form for their child/children to the school office (one form per child). If both parents are employed, a statement from both employers must be submitted. If no required statement(s) are provided, all enrolments are subject to the normal “business” rate.

leadership team

in the service of excellence

François Dillenschneider


Claudine Chardon

Claudine Chardon

Directrice du primaire

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