The 5th graders are warming up!

The 5th graders are warming up!

Every other Wednesday, from 3 pm.
30 to 17 h.
30, the 5th graders at the Lycée Français de Düsseldorf train for the European Games.
The session always begins with a series of warm-ups, which the pupils do near the new running track, the “piste bleue”.

This warm-up lasts around 20 minutes and serves to gently work the major muscle groups before starting the sporting activities that follow.
Without this warm-up, the risk of injury is high.
Ankle sprains, muscle strains and other mishaps are the price to pay for a poor or non-existent warm-up.

First, the 5th graders run three laps of the field, moderately, then a little faster, and finally even faster.
This activates the cardiovascular system: the heart goes into “sport” mode and breathing accelerates to provide the energy needed by the muscles.

The LfdD athletes then perform a series of running exercises on the blue track, working different muscles depending on the exercise: raising the knees bent at 90 degrees to waist height, torso bent forward, torso bent backwards, arms glued at the sides of the body, or “heel-buttocks”.

That’s enough to get you ready for the training session that follows.
Competitors beware!
It’s going to get hot because the 5th graders are warming up.

Amélie Schuhoff and July Reyes – 5th

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