Presentation of abibac by final year students

Presentation of abibac by final year students

Deeply committed to multilingual education, our mission is to prepare students of all nationalities to become active and responsible citizens of the world.
The practice of languages is an essential feature of LfdD’s policy.
Our program offers students a genuine passport to a successful future, preparing them to become multilingual before they enter the world’s top schools and universities.

The French language, the main language of instruction (language of schooling), is the one in which French values and culture are embedded.
The second most important language is the language of our host country, German.
The LfdD’s school project places particular emphasis on the teaching of German and German culture.

From the very first hour, from Petite Section onwards, the children play, play sports, learn and discover together with Mme Françoise Göbel, our kindergarten German teacher, who never ceases to encourage the children to express themselves in the language of our host country.

The journey then continues in the elementary school, with German lessons in which pupils are divided into different levels according to their knowledge, or DNL (Disciplines en langues étrangères) in “questioning the world”, arts, sciences, geography and history.
These courses enable students to immerse themselves in the German language and culture, without focusing solely on language learning.

Our middle school has no shortage of ambition, with 3 levels of German: beginner, modern language and Euro-German option, while at high school, students can follow our Abibac Section to obtain a double diploma at the end of their schooling: the Baccalauréat and the Abitur.

This year, the Abibac class, together with their German teacher Mme Buschhausen, have prepared a short video in which the students tell us about the importance of the Abibac section and what it means to them.

Amélie, Cora and Margaux tell us about the Abibac section in 3 languages.

What is the Abibac? (Author: Amélie)

The Abibac is 2 diplomas, the French Baccalauréat and the German Abitur.
It’s also 2 cultures, 2 worldviews, 2 times more open-minded.

In Abibac, you have 6 hours of German literature and 4 hours of history-geography in German per week.
This option enables you to reach a level of German C1-C2.

You have the opportunity to go on a school trip to deepen your knowledge of German culture and history.

In Abibac, you’re part of a close-knit group, always supported by teachers who encourage you to express yourself freely.

During the 3 years of Abibac, you will acquire an efficient work method, good time management, discipline and stress management, all of which will prepare you for your future studies.

To enter the Abibac, you need :

– Be motivated to learn German.

– Take an interest in history, geography and literature.

– Keep abreast of European and international news.

– Enjoy communicating and working in a group.

– Have a strong set of results in core subjects.

Was ist Abibac? (Autorin: Cora)

Mit dem Abibac erhältst du 2 Abschlüsse, das deutsche Abitur und das französische Baccalauréat.
Das bedeutet auch 2 Kulturen, 2 Weltanschauungen, 2-mal mehr Weltoffenheit.

Du hast 6 Stunden deutsche Literatur und 4 Stunden Geschichts- und Erkunde Unterricht in Deutsch pro Woche.
Somit erreichst du das Sprachniveau C1-C2 in Deutsch.

Du unternimmst eine Reise in Deutschland, um die Kultur und Geschichte besser kennenzulernen.

Durch das Abibac wächst du mit deinen anderen Mitschülern zusammen.
Die vielen Stunden der Zusammenarbeit vereinen euch und ihr werdet dabei stets von euren Lehrern begleitet, die euch zum freien Austausch motivieren.

In den 3 Jahren lernst du Arbeitsmethoden, Zeitmanagement, Disziplin und Stressbewältigung, was dich auf dein zukünftiges Studium bestens vorbereitet.

Um bei Abibac mitmachen zu können solltest du:

– für den Unterricht in Deutsch motiviert sein.

– für Geschichte, Erkunde und Literatur Interesse haben.

– dich mit dem Tagesgeschehen in Europa und in der Welt befassen.

– Spaß an Kommunikation und Gruppenarbeit haben.

– eine gutes Schulniveau in den Hauptfächern haben.

What is Abibac? (Author: Margaux)

With the Abibac, you obtain 2 diplomas, the French Baccalauréat and the German Abitur.
2 diplomas mean 2 cultures, 2 world views und 2 times more open mind.

In Abibac, you have 6 hours literature and 4 hours history and geography in German per week.
With this program, you achieve a C1-C2 German level.

You have the opportunity to go on school trips see interesting places in Germany and learn more about its culture and its history.

You feel comfortable in a tightknit group, always supported by the teachers who encourage you to express yourself freely.

With Abibac, you learn to organise work and time, to develop discipline and to handle stress: all these things will prepare you for higher education.

In order to join Abibac you should:

– be motivated for learning in German.

– be interested in history, geography and literature.

– follow European and international news.

– enjoy communication and work in groups.

– have good grades in the main courses.

The Abibac group showed great responsiveness and good will in carrying out this project.
We’d like to thank them and their German teacher, Madame Nathalie Buschhausen, and wish them the best of luck for their future exams and university studies.
We look forward to welcoming them back… this time, perhaps, as proud alumni.

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