European Games cities in paint

European Games cities in paint

As part of the European PE Games to be held at the LFdD in June 2022, our PE teachers have invited us to take part in an art project: the creation of paintings to represent each city taking part in the Games.

For the first painting, our theme was the city of Düsseldorf.
Over two Saturday mornings, four of us fifth-graders created the painting.
Unfortunately, two of us, Sophie B. and Roméo, have now left the LFdD.

First, we each drew a picture, then selected elements from all the drawings to represent Düsseldorf.
Mr. Ganneron, who was framing us, then enlarged and duplicated it on a large canvas.

Every month, a middle school and primary school class will draw a picture, like us, of one of the eight cities coming to Düsseldorf to take part in the 2022 European Games.
This project allows LFdD students to discover new countries and cities.
Thanks to the paintings, other classes at the school can get involved in the European Games project, and when the delegations come, pupils from other schools will be able to see that their city is being showcased.

We’re delighted with the experience and proud to have our painting exhibited at the Lycée!

Paul and Sophie E.

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