1-2-3-Hellau LFISV!!!

1-2-3-Hellau LFISV!!!

Helauuu! the rallying cry of one of Düsseldorf’s most memorable and formidable events.
For regulars, the call is synonymous with festivities, fun, music, sweets for the kids and getting together with friends.
For newcomers, raise the Hellau! and enjoy the moment!

At LfiSV, Hellau was the order of the day, from early morning until 2:30 pm.
As usual, the party started with our little ones – the kindergarteners on the theme of the Middle Ages, and we were able to follow adorable kings, queens, princes, princesses and other knights! dancing and singing with the same joy…

After passing through the older children’s classrooms, the cheerful, colorful group stopped in the motor room to let the confetti fly to the rhythm of the music, amidst dancers big and small! Then, on the stage prepared for them, they began to parade, proudly displaying their sparkling costumes.

Finally, 3 out of a multitude of costumes were chosen and rewarded before a well-deserved snack of doughnuts, sweets and fruit juice!

There was hardly time to breathe before the “hellau!” was already ringing out in elementary and middle school classrooms.

Another level, another theme!
For the elementary classes, the theme was, of course, the school’s common thread – the Olympic Games and sport!

In the courtyard, the Olympic Games got underway ahead of schedule, and the quality and color of the games were top-notch… Paris has to behave!

For an hour and a half, the schoolyard became a veritable theater of laughter and joy, colorful costumes, dancing and merriment!
The teachers had prepared a variety of songs and dances for all participants.
They danced again to their now well-known tune – “Feel the magic in the air”.

Costumes were judged on 2 criteria: creativity and craftsmanship!

We congratulate all the students for the time and hard work they put into making these beautiful outfits, and thank the teachers for organizing such a wonderful day, as well as the parents and student volunteers who distributed the delicious doughnuts, sweets and fruit juice.

A special prize to our headmistress Mme Chardon, both for having a first costume for the kindergarten theme and a second for the second theme, in elementary school, while being the great mistress of ceremony!

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