The Battle of Bouvines told in words and pictures by the 5èB!

At LfdD, educational projects are a priority, whatever the subject taught. This time, it was the class of 5ème B who, through creativity, combined art and history in the project “The Battle of Bouvines“. Beautiful paintings and essays bear witness to the students’ work.

We invite you to discover their work. We’d like to thank the students and their history-geography teacher, Mme Isambert, for this original lesson.

A little history…

At the dawn of the 13th century, Philip Augustus, King of the Franks, wanted to unite the provinces of his kingdom. However, he found himself up against the kingdom of England, led by Richard the Lionheart and then John Lackland, who refused to cede their French territories.

On July 27, 1214, the great battle of Bouvines took place, marking a turning point in the history of the kingdom of the Franks. It pitted the army of King Philippe Auguste against a coalition of Flemings and Germans led by Otto IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

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