What is the language of your palate?

Within the framework of the Week of Languages, the FLSco students of the Primary and Secondary levels, along with their families, were invited to the Lycée’s first International Breakfast. Bringing together nearly fifty people from 20 different nationalities, the event was an opportunity for everyone to meet, share and experience the culture and language of their country of origin over local specialities: syrnikis, böreks, baklavas, babovkas, Bienenstich, Frikadellen, curry, pancakes, semolina cake…

We strongly believe that learning a new language involves all the senses, especially the sense of taste! All the participants enjoyed the experience and are already looking forward for next year!

FLSco (French as a Language of Instruction) is a teaching method that focuses on the language learned and used at school. The learning goes beyond the linguistic aspect of the language, by focusing equally on the cultural norms of the school that enable academic success. This section welcomes around 30 students each year, ranging from nursery school to secondary school.

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