Outing to Xanten

The CM1 classes discovered a part of ancient history by visiting the town of Xanten.

Its origins go back to antiquity when the village was twice chosen to become a Roman camp. When the village became a Roman camp again, the Roman emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus gave the town the name Colonia Ulpia Traiana. The present name of the town comes from Viktor of Xanten who, according to legend, was a Roman officer and member of the Theban Legion.

We invite you to read the story of the students and also to visit the site for an informative dive into ancient history and more.

On Monday XIV November MMXXII the CM1 of the LfiSV went by bus to the archaeological park of Xanten.

It is the largest in Germany. It displays many vestiges of the city Colonia Ulpia Traiana.

During the visit, the guide revealed a complete model of the city. We went to an amphitheatre and we were told that gladiators rarely died during the fights. We also saw a thermal bath with a reconstructed toilet. One group visited the great temple of the city while the others visited the inn, the kitchens and the cellar. We all took part in making a wax slate and visited the museum where we could see mannequins of Roman horsemen and Franks.

The aim of this visit was to learn more about the life of the Romans.

Opinion: We really enjoyed this visit.

Elisabeth, Pierre, Elise, Timothy, Lucie

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