Learning about the world through reading

Primary school library (B.C.D.)

Library documentation center

The library is under the responsibility of Madame Chardon, Head of Primary.

Opening hours

It is open to all primary school pupils, in the mornings from 8.30am to 2.30pm, in groups of up to 15.

It is staffed by parent volunteers three mornings a week. They then manage book lending.

For whom?

Primary school teachers are free to use the library during these hours. They can also do so outside these hours, according to a schedule drawn up in advance with Mme Chardon.

Secondary school library (C.D.I.)

Documentation and information center

Opening hours

Students have access to the CDI during certain breaks, during school hours and before and after classes at the following times:

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday
8am - 12.15pm
1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
8am - 12.15pm
Opening hours Monday-Thursday Friday

In the CDI

5th graders share their reading ideas!

Camille, Marie, Laura, Sophie, Hillig and Basile have taken up the challenge of a book club in the CDI with Mme Guégan, during break time on Wednesdays: they exchange ideas, lend each other books and criticize!

Discover their newsletters here

The site is accessible to all visitors without a password.

In the CDI, students can


Odile Guégan, librarian, is in charge of the CDI.

She helps students with their research and ensures compliance with CDI rules.


Tel. : +49 211 61 07 95 16.

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