Düsseldorf Helau! The " Fifth Season " celebrated by the Lycée français international Simone Veil

While the pupils were just starting their holidays, some of them were preparing for one of the biggest events in Düsseldorf: the Carnival, which is known far beyond the city’s borders!

Organised by a few committee members and other dedicated parents, more than 25 families gathered on Saturday 18 February and took part in the Düsseldorf “Kinder- und Jugendumzug” children’s and youth parade. Waving a huge national flag of France followed by smaller flags, one could easily recognise the large LfiSV group in the Kö. Dressed in ponchos in the colours of France and wearing a crown on their heads in the same colours, the participants carefully decorated their costumes with French symbols or hearts. It was also a great surprise to see a French rooster throwing confetti in the air and the children running around to catch the coloured pieces of paper.

In a great atmosphere, children and parents launched sweets in the street, as the tradition wants, and sung and performed the now famous flashmob “Feel the magic in the air” which was executed by all the pupils during the 60th anniversary of the school.

We thank them all for representing our school so brilliantly and look forward to the next carnival, when the primary and secondary school pupils will again have the chance to march through the colourful crowd and shout the famous Helau Dusseldorf!

We would also like to thank Era Immobilien, Dr. med. dent. Mariam Asfour and Mrs. Horstmann for their warm sponsorship of this event, as well all parents that brought by themselves sweets to share them with the rest of people.

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