Charcoal drawing – the artistic journey of the CM1-CM2A pupils

Charcoal drawing - the artistic journey of the CM1-CM2A pupils

During their art classes, the pupils of the school learnt a new technique: charcoal drawing. Charcoal is a versatile medium derived from the combustion of carbonaceous organic matter, such as wood. It takes the form of a black residue that is easy to spread thanks to its powdery nature. It can be soft (like a pencil), hard or powdered and used in the form of sticks, blocks or drawing pencils.

Did you know that charcoal is one of the oldest drawing tools? It has always been appreciated for its ability to create works of art rich in texture and shades of grey.

The pupils took up their teacher’s challenge to create winter landscapes. They began by studying different landscapes in charcoal. They worked on the three planes (foreground, background and background) to understand how to give depth to landscapes. They continued by practising together on the same landscape to learn the different techniques and the right gestures. Lastly, they produced their own creations.

It was a real pleasure to be able to spread charcoal with their fingers and form trees, bridges, mountains and other shapes.

Once all the drawings were ready, the final touch was given: a special lacquer to fix everything in place.

We’ve included a selection of their work for you to admire below.

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