Bicibus, an initiative that’s sure to be a huge success!

Bicibus, an initiative that's sure to be a huge success!

The Bicibus project seeks to inspire children’s enthusiasm for cycling while raising parents’ awareness of children’s early motor skills and sustainable mobility. Following the success of the first round on 19 January 2024, the LfiSV “Bicibus” was back on the road on Friday morning (16 February). Parents and children set off from the Berty-Albrecht-Park in Pempelfort, making stops at Schillerplatz and Freytagstraße before heading to the Heinrich-Heine-Gesamtschule and Carl-Sonnenschein-Schule schools and finally arriving at their destination: the Lycée Français International Simone Veil.

The Bicibus currently runs once a month, every third Friday of the month. The aim is to expand the event so that even more children can take part, including families from other schools on Graf-Recke-Straße. Other routes could also be created if parents living in other districts wish to get involved.


The Bicibus was introduced in Barcelona in 2021 by a school parent. The initiative was widely publicised on social networks, but had already existed in one form or another for several years, notably in Portugal. In Germany, Bicibus was first launched in Frankfurt, when the Barcelona initiative was discovered on social networks.

Our Bicibus group was set up with the help of parents such as Mrs Vitorge, Jung and Milleret, and its aim is to enable children to cycle together safely and arrive at school in good spirits, to promote mobility by encouraging families to cycle, and to raise awareness of the conditions in which children commute on a daily basis, particularly the lack of cycle infrastructure. The project seeks equally to encourage users to adopt environmentally-friendly transport habits in the long term. Children who take part in the project will be more likely to cycle, develop better cycling habits and encourage more sustainable modes of transport.

The second edition was covered by the WDR television channel, with a report in which parents and children talked about the project and the pleasure of cycling to school, and a local online information site “Ddorf-aktuell”.

The group already has a dedicated BiciBus in Düsseldorf website, a whatsapp group vthat you can visit or join at any time.

You can follow the BiciBus Graf-Recke-Straße on the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram et Mastodon

We are looking forward to the third arrival of our Bicibus group on 15 March, which we urge you to join!

For the itinerary, please click here: Bicibus to Graf-Recke route planning – uMap (

Congratulations to all the children who enjoy cycling to school together, and arrive fit and smiling for the day. We would like as well to thank the parents who help them to develop a taste for cycling and good travel habits from an early age, so that they can represent the city of tomorrow.

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